Impacting Lives Through Love

"I had lost my job and had no way of providing for my families needs at Christmas. Love 113 stepped in and made all our wishes come through. They purchased clothing, toys, school supplies, and food for my entire family of six. This showing of love made me realize that there are people out there that not only talk about love, they demonstrate it." 


Sacramento Resident

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  • Your Issues R My Issues
  • Adopt A Family For Christmas
  • Scholarships
  • Feeding Program

Changing Lives Through Love


April 2015

Empower & Unify Women's Conference, Oakland, CA

This list details a majority of our initiatives that we need your participation in.

July 2015

Small Business 101

December 2015

Adopt a Family for Christmas


“From the moment I attended Love 113's Annual Adopt a Family, I was changed forever! I witnessed the joy on the faces of the recipients - single mothers, children, young adults and fathers. The greatest joy, however, was on the face of Love 113's President. She literally beamed as each family took center stage and was presented with every item on their wish list! It is amazing to see the good that this organization does; from feeding the hungry, to preparing individuals for a better future! This is truly what Love is!”

 Yassa Bobray,

Business Manager

Do you want to make a difference to end economic poverty, homelessness and hunger? Then you are a person that understands the essence of love. Everywhere you look, there are people that are suffering and the only way it will end, is if all of us - you and me, work collectively together to be the difference needed!

Without knowledge; people perish! We seek to increase knowledge through education and mentorship and provide a platform for outreach into the communities we serve.