Terisha Roselin, Business Manager/Outreach Coordinator

Terisha oversees fundraising activities and oversees Love 113’s grant process and community outreach programs. This includes our monthly Senior Resource Program, Annual Toy Give Away, various community outreach programs, Medical Missions to Liberia and homeless programs.

Interested on Serving on Love 113's Board? We are looking for people that are dedicated to going outside of themselves for the good of others. Contact us today at bgriffin@love113.com.

Christina "Teizue" Nwabuzoh, Youth Programs

Teizue oversees our youth programs.


Love 113’s Board provides overall leadership, guidance and support for the work we do.

​Bendu Griffin, Founder/President

Bendu has over 20 years of experience in the construction and consulting services industry specializing in Federal, State and local codes, regulations and laws relating to Civil Rights Programs. Her area of expertise is policy and program development and evaluation, project management, budget preparation, business development, conflict resolution and development of training programs.  For the past 25 years, Bendu has successfully taught and mentored the youth, adults and numerous small businesses throughout the Greater Bay Area. Bendu is an entrepreneur in the City of Oakland, CA, and has operated a small business since 2012. 
As President and CEO, Bendu steers Love 113 to achieve its mission, help guide and mediate Board actions with respect to organizational priorities and governance concerns. 

Bendu's past service includes President of the Liberian Association of Northern California, Board President and Treasurer for the Voice of Africa Mission, Board Secretary for the California Unified Certification Program, Administrator for Shiloh’s African Fellowship, Publicity Representative for Dehcontee Liberian Dance Company and Logistics Coordinator for Association of Citizens and Friends of Liberia. She currently serves as Board Secretary for the Bay Area Contract Compliance Officer’s Association (BACCOA). In her various capacities, Bendu helped to fund raise and spearhead outreach programs in the US and abroad. She has worked on numerous projects creating awareness of issues affecting under served and under-privileged people and has spearheaded community enrichment projects including afterschool programs that serve economically distressed neighborhoods in Oakland and the Greater Bay Area.

Bendu is an avid lover of the arts and is a sought-after storyteller. She has performed at events such as the City of Sacramento’s Juneteen Festival, San Francisco’s Annual Africa in Concert, Dehcontee Liberian Dance Company’s Ethnic Festival and Panafest, Barns and Nobel Bookstore and at other notable events throughout the State of California. Bendu holds a Master’s Degree in Compliance Administration, a Masters of Theology, and a Project Management Certificate from UC Berkeley. She is an aspiring author, loves to cook and read and enjoys spending time with her family.