Company Profile

Bendu Griffin


Founded: 2012

Owner: Bendu Griffin Washington


Areas of focus: 
Life Improvements, Mentoring, Education, Leadership, Women, Youth, Families

The mission of LOVE 113 is ‘Changing Lives through LOVE’,  by developing programs that empower individuals to live productive lives and become a positive impact in their community. 

·         Life Improvements
·         Opportunities for Success
·         Values instilled through Mentoring
·         Education

Love 113 was founded July 2012 by volunteers who share the belief that anyone can experience economic freedom if given the right tools. We begin by sharing love in its truest form with others. Our belief is that love can break or make a society, a people or a civilization and it is this which drives us to create a forum where love drives a group of people to assist others no matter the color, creed or nationality.

There are many exciting happenings at Love 113! We closed out the year with our Annual Adopt A Family and are preparing for our spring woman conference, YIRMI mentoring sessions, quarterly business development classes and bi-monthly feedings in the hardest areas of the Bay Area! 


Why do we do this, it's really simple. We operate from a platform of love. It is this love for our fellow man that propels us to go outside of ourselves and give. We operate from the premise that we can either give people fish, or we can teach them to fish for themselves. Once they learn, they too will be willing to pass out to others!

What We’re Doing